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Starter Wife

At first glance, Linnea King has a fabulous life. She’s the daughter of a prominent Las Vegas socialite and politician, and she’s married to the oh-so-successful lawyer, Evan King.

Texas Two Step

Was that Chad? No. It couldn’t be. This man looked uncannily similar, though. Maybe it was just Chloe’s imagination—wishful thinking. Or maybe the trauma of the shooting in her women’s shelter was playing with her head.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Molly Harper may be the hottest thing on the silver screen, but no amount of professional acting can prepare her for the events about to unfold in her life. If she thought the paparazzi were relentless before, a frenzy is about to ensue.

Not Quite an Angel (Decisions #4
Shirley Kiger

HISTORICAL:  Betrothal. It would be an arrangement between families who were lifelong friends. Convenient and logical, it would finally bind the two families together. It was the perfect solution—for everyone but Daphne.

FANTASY:  Snow Gwyn has spent the majority of her life being what everyone else wanted her to be. As the only living female member of the family, Snow hid her dreams of excitement to become her seven brothers' caretaker, chef, and at times nurse.