Beyond the Horizon

Wanda Kay

Katie Sullivan is tired of being a punching bag for her shady boyfriend, so she runs away to a remote town in Kansas hoping that she'll never be found. When she has car trouble and is given a place to stay by an elderly couple she thanks her lucky stars, but when she discovers ex-boyfriend Rick is in fact hot on her trail she knows she has put their lives in jeopardy. Farmhand Josh Warner is also no stranger to being offered a helping hand after the death of his wife, but living under the same roof as Katie is becoming too difficult for him to bear. Caught between the memory of his wife and his attraction to Katie, things become harder to control than a bucking horse in a rodeo.


Katie gains the readers sympathy and understanding instantly as a battered woman wanting her freedom and peace. However, as the story progresses she shows a confrontational and stubborn side, especially towards Josh, that can lessen one's admiration of her. Together they mix like oil and water, yet an electrifying attraction kindles a fire nonetheless. Josh is the kind of cowboy that could make any girl fall in love with him. A spot or two injects an unexpected spiritual message yet over all it is predictable but still gratifying with some intense, emotional and delectable moments making this an enjoyable read.


Margaret Faria