Undertow (A Wunderland Novel - Book 1)

New Adult

Never one for the limelight, Sangria Henlie, legal intern for an entertainment law firm, had seen enough of tinsel town. Jaded and disillusioned by the depths she had sunk  in order to keep her position, she was looking forward to the end of her commitment. Before the final credits of her internship roll, however, she needs to oversee a few final details for a client's reality show called Undertow. While at the show's unveiling party, Sangria finds herself coerced into being an unwilling contestant on the latest twist in dating-reality television. Mateo Dargus, the eligible billionaire bachelor, was looking for love but had his eyes set on Sangria. Unfortunately, she had rebuffed him at every turn. Now that she was a contestant, he could set his plan in motion to win her heart. It is anyone's guess to whether he captures her heart or runs his ship aground and loses the girl. 

Reality television has taken over popular culture, so reading a novel based on the same concepts gave this reality fan an approximation of a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of a reality dating show. From start to finish, Greyson showed how her characters struggled with the legalities and constraints of the show as well as the impact of their instant fame and the added struggle that ensued from the artificial conditions of their romance. Comparing the colder side of reality television with the budding relationship between the main characters supports one’s belief in true love and happily ever after. This novel is an enjoyable taste of pop culture with a "reality is better than fiction"  twist. An excellent beach read!

Amy Willis