A Long Trail Rolling (The Long Trails #1)


WESTERN/ADVENTURE:  Aleksandra is left between a rock and a hard place when she discovers her fur trapper father dead, his body abandoned high in the mountains.  She must now protect a family secret - with her life if necessary - from both Cossack arms master, Vladimir, and the Tsar of Russia. No easy task, but when an opportunity presents itself to become a pony rider for the express, she disguises herself as a boy in hopes to keep a low profile from her enemies. Her heart, however, is not as easily disguised when Xavier, her boss and protector, begins to feel more for her and her likewise in return.


A tragedy turns this story into a gripping read right from the beginning with no shortage of excitement. However, flipping from scene to scene is not always smooth making it difficult to follow at times. The main characters take some time to develop causing the reader's attachment to last only for a few pages at a time. Aleksandra is strong, tough and indecisive and as a heroine stands right on the border line tipping back and forth never really planting her feet in either place. The story progresses beautifully but the romance moves at a much slower pace. The historical aspects are very interesting and compelling mixed in with a thrilling mystery that brings this story to a height towards the end, and well worth the effort to reach!


Margaret Faria