Recent Reviews

Wolf on Wheels

“Wolf on Wheels” is book one in The Heritage Series. Lara Walker recently graduated from veterinarian school and sets up her practice near the Black Mountain area in Australia. Her family match-makes to get her paired up with an appropriate upper crust mate.

Fear Land

Psychiatrist Tally Rosella recently moved to San Luis Obispo, California and is writing a book about a revelation she's discovered in PTSD, which could be a major breakthrough for her military patients and their families.

Meg Simpson makes her escape from the vile Thomas Peters, a shady and controlling man who took her family in after her father's gambling debts threatened to ruin them.

The Passion Thief
Anne McCarthy

Betty Boomer and her husband Stan are at a crossroads in their marriage.

Fatal Complications

Dr. Jason Katz, Chief of Anesthesia at Swatara Regional Hospital in Pennsylvania, suffered a life-changing event. Dr. Luke Daulton, new to the team, is warned by Dr. Rob Gentry to watch his step around Katz, and with good reason; he reamed Luke out for essentially saving a patient’s life.