What's It Gonna Be?: A Romantic Comedy set in Mauritius


ROMANTIC COMEDY/CHICK-LIT:  After four years in a relationship with marriage and familial expectations looming and no engagement in sight, Lucy Evans begins to question what she should do with the rest of her life. Should she try and make it work with her boyfriend Matt, or should she pack it in and leave Mauritius for good? When Matt's inability to commit leads to their breakup, Lucy feels adrift at sea without an anchor. She leans on her best friends, Vic and Olivia for support. But when a series of blind date humiliations, boozy behavior and encounters with a creepy stalker leave her shaken, Lucy realizes that it may be harder to get Matt out of her system than she thought.

Heartwarming, quirky and honest, “What's it Gonna Be?” has just the right mix of humor and romantic tension. The author does an admirable job making the reader long for Matt and Lucy to have their happily ever after. Although the plot line seems predictable and some parts are overly long, this tale is so downright clever, funny and entertaining one can't help but become enamored with the story and its characters. The character Lucy is especially relatable. Her chaotic and flighty manner is so endearing the reader will definitely be charmed by her zany antics! The story culminates in a sweet ending where everything comes together nicely. Perfect for a day at the beach, this book is a delightful read if one is in the mood for something a little bit different. 

Chantel Hardge