Lisa K.

When the death of her father brings Alexandra Hadley home to settle his affairs, returning to Glenmore permanently is not part of the agenda. Meaning to stay only as long as it takes to find a replacement at her father's medical practice, she's anxious to leave and get back to her life. Lexi calls on her high-school crush Joe Manning to remodel her father's study so that she can sell her childhood home. As Lexi and Joe’s friendship blossoms into love, she begins to see Glenmore in a different light. But when her home suffers multiple break-ins, Lexi soon discovers a web of deception that stretches further than she knows. Can Lexi hold on to the tenuous romance she has with Joe while she untangles secrets from the past?

Compelling and engaging, “Bygones” is an emotionally rewarding read. Ms. Nielsen has penned a gripping tale with a dramatic storyline and vivid characters. Passion and suspense combine for a classic romance coupled with the drama of family secrets. Lexi’s struggle to find her place in the small town she believed she outgrew is certainly relatable. However, Joe’s initial pre-emptive confidence quickly erodes, causing one to become exasperated with his constant self doubt. Lexi and Joe have tremendous depth and deep affections for one another. One can’t help but cheer for this couple, losing themselves in the fantasy of their two worlds colliding. With red hot romance and suspense that never wavers, “Bygones” is an exciting story that will leave one breathless until the very end! 

Chantel Hardge