Hatchling’s Mate (Dragshi Chronicles #3)


FANTASY:  Dragshi are humans who can exchange bodies with dragons. Talann is the son of two dragon lords but needs a twinned dragon soul for his powers to awaken. Everyone suspected this would be Lexii, but the two of them couldn’t stand each other. Glyn is set to protect Lexii, but doing that also means protecting secrets, and choosing duty above her one chance at love. 

“Hatchling’s Mate” is the third book in the Dragshi Chronicles. Not having read the previous books, it wasn’t that hard to pick up this book and dive into the story, though. The book does recap the previous books and although the reader gets the feeling of missing out on some lore and background story, it isn’t necessary to comprehend this book.

An enjoyable fantasy read, especially for fans of dragons. The characters are complex and entertaining, Glyn in particular. She struggled a lot between duty and love. She was capable, intelligent, and brave, and seeing those qualities and her struggle made her an intriguing character. The pacing was a little off here and there, with some parts going too fast, and others slightly too slow. Despite that, the book had solid world building, and the dialogue was usually spot-on. A worthy entry to the series!

Majanka Verstraete