Recent Reviews

Codes of Courage
A.L. Sowards

War in Europe and Britain brought out the best and worst in people, depending on their penchant for forgiveness versus revenge. Ms. Sowards uses the foundation of World War II to create a tapestry of interwoven events of friends, family, loss, and love.

PARANORMAL: Diego Sanchez is adjusting to life as a werewolf. Now he is driving his vampire friend, Val, to Las Vegas, the city of Diego’s birth and home to his family. Val is determined to right a wrong, which means an audience with the highest vampire authority. As he and Diego track down their quarry, the attraction between them grows.

A Lady’s Promise
Raneé S. Clark

Isabella DeVries prefers spending time on her engineering designs than looking for a husband, but after four seasons, she has no choice. When a dear friend offers a marriage of convenience, she hesitates, until she learns he is dying. Preston Baxter owes Isabella’s father and is determined to see Isabella gain independence.

Just A Fling
Katherine Grace

Dawn is proving her worth with a local New York City law firm. Until her bar exam results are in, she’s got to keep up the long hours and grueling requests.

Avery Remington is a single mom with an infant son. The father chose to walk away and told her to “take care of it”. The sperm donor is a hockey player, and Avery has sworn off all hockey players forever! That is until Foster Craig rescues the damsel in distress. Avery’s car breaks down, and Foster is the only one to answer her plea.