Reviews - Historical

Despite being beautiful and the Duke’s daughter, Lady Helena Carter, is a verifiable wallflower, is still unwed. No matter how much time passes in the season or how many balls Helena attends, her enjoyment is nearly always killed by Lord Oliver Hunt, the Marquess of Dashville. In the past, Oliver was rude to Helena, who secretly liked him.

A Duel for Christmas
Rosanne E.

Lady Maud Worlington was expecting a quiet family Christmas Eve dinner, but her brother changed that by announcing his engagement to Helena. Maud wasn’t excited to meet Helena or her brother, the Duke of Tilbury, Geoffrey Angiers. When she does, not only is she surprised that he is the guardian of Helena but how young he truly is.

Lady Lillian Sandford clings to the pain of her past that has her shunned by society, and yet her hopes for a happy future remain, and her spirit is clearly not broken.

The Wicked Spy

As an occasional spy for her brother-in-law, Anna Gaunt has been tasked to discover the whereabouts of Captain Armand L'Etrange, also known as Louis Delon, an escaped French prisoner who had been held in a British prison. She does not expect to discover him by chance, yet when she does, she feels compelled to help him.

When Delilah Robbins accompanies her father to Baker City, Oregon, she's expecting it to be dull. She is pleasantly surprised, however, when she finds the city is fun and exciting. It also has a location for her to turn into a sanctuary for her birds. As she settles in, two deputies develop feelings for her.