Beneath the Italian Sky: An American Heiress Series


When Emmett Markham, Earl of Linwood, married American heiress Clare Herschel it was not for money or convenience, but for love.  However, after a year of marriage and the heartache of losing their first child to miscarriage it seems that everything is falling apart.  Clare loves her husband, but after months of listening to gossip and enduring Emmett’s lack of emotion towards her, she decides it is best to winter at the family’s villa in Sicily.  Determined to fix whatever has gone wrong in his marriage, Emmett follows Clare not knowing if she will welcome his unexpected arrival.  When a devastating earthquake hits the country, the two are thrust back together, forced to not only fight for their love but also their very lives.

Ms. Henrie tells a heart-warming story of courage, survival and love, all while seamlessly weaving in historical events.  Emmett and Clare are two characters whose insecurities, fears, and heartache are real, raw and told in such a way readers will relate and empathize with them.  “Beneath an Italian Sky” is not just a love story about two people, but also of a country devastated by an earthquake. How Emmett and Clare came together to overcome loss results in a wider audience for this lovely story.  With a beautiful scenic backdrop, interesting characters, and a charming story, readers are sure to fall in love with a piece of Italy’s history and swoon for the romance that oozes from the pages of this book!

Amy Cefoldo