The Wicked Wolfe: De Wolfe Pack Connected World


Linnet James only has time to look after her younger siblings and care for her sick mother.  The last thing on her mind is love or the possibility of marriage — that is, until she meets Captain John Wolfe.  After his discharge from the army John is adjusting, rather badly, to civilian life, drinking and gambling the little money he has left.  When Linnet, her siblings, and their giant dog break into his manor and interrupt his drunken solitude he wonders if selling his manor is the right thing to do. Drawn to her beauty and kindness, John is determined to win Linnet’s heart, no matter what he must do to earn it.

“The Wicked Wolfe” is a sweet romance that will warm hearts and leave readers with a smile on their faces.  Although one can still enjoy the story even if unfamiliar with Ms. Lancaster’s work, reading other books set in Blackhaven or in the Wolfe Pack series may bring a greater understanding of the world and story.  The short length makes for a fast-paced plot but leaves little room for in-depth character development.  Linnet is a sweet, loveable leading lady; readers will want to see her matched well and to find love.  Although he acts as a hero and is kind to the James family, the pairing between John and Linnet is not entirely believable.  This novella may not have everything, but it certainly has enough romance and good writing that readers will be sure to pick up another book by Ms. Lancaster.

Amy Cefoldo