The Duke’s Dangerous Kiss: On His Majesty’s Secret Service Book 2

Jillian St. Clare’s life changed drastically when her mother died. She becomes the charge of her mother’s ex-lover, the Earl of Rystoke, who is anything but a gentleman. The Earl sees Jillian as chattel. He is intent on finding her a husband who will benefit him the most—politically as well as financially.

Jillian’s streak of independence flares to life. She is tired of endless social functions, smiling and acting the proper lady. Life gets interesting when, after escaping to a quiet corner, she overhears a conversation outside the window that reeks of treason. A small roll of parchment, meant to be tossed behind the bushes, bounces off the windowsill and lands in her shoe. She then finds herself pursued by Adrian Bennett, Duke of Dunbary. He wants his roll of parchment back.

With a unique and charming opening, this historical snags the reader’s attention immediately — but what seems at first an amusing coincidence quickly turns dark, and places Jillian in a precarious position. The girl’s spark is endearing, and we find ourselves empathizing with Jillian’s plight. The story’s Achilles heel is the physical abuse: her guardian slaps Jillian multiple times. He bloodies her lip more than once, which may put off readers of this genre. The author does an excellent job of revealing the love interest’s true character a little at a time. If one loves Scarlett O’Hara spunk in a heroine, fast-paced plots, and alpha heroes with beta hearts, one will love “The Duke’s Dangerous Kiss.”

FS Brown