Reviews - Historical

Englishman Harrison Dyer washes ashore on the coast of the Kingdom of Siam, only survivor of a merchant shipwreck, along with his nanny goat.

Mary T.

WESTERN:  Ahyoka is the much beloved daughter of a Cherokee White Chief. Ever since her mother died he’s done everything in his power to keep her safe and protected, but as Ahyoka grows she starts to chafe at the restrictions placed on her.

Archaic societal values force Clare Armbruster to travel to India to get her brother’s signature on some paperwork. Ridiculous, in her opinion, but since when does a woman’s opinion matter? She has no idea that crossing paths with Captain Fred Wheatly and his two young daughters will change the course she has set for herself.

When Vikings attack Elle Cam'beal's  parents have her run away with her younger brother, Erik, and advise her to take the claymore that resides over the hearth. Her destination is Dunstaffnage Castle, home of Laird MacDougall. When the Laird sees the claymore, he will give Elle and her brother safe lodging.

Mail Order Groom

Emma Marshall is given thirty days by her dying father to find a groom or the ranch goes to his brother in Ft. Worth. Little does she know that her father has already placed posters in Ft. Worth advertising for a husband for his beloved daughter. Tyler Roundtree applies to be the temporary ranch foreman for Twin Oaks, and is surprised to see a beautiful woman running the ranch.