Georgina (Lady Archer's Creed #2)

Amanda Mariel,
Christina McKnight

VICTORIAN:  Lady Georgina feels as though she has been forgotten by her father since he remarried and his new Duchess banished her to a finishing school. She finds new purpose making friends at her new school and becoming a member of the Lady Archers gave her purpose. Determined to continue her archery dreams, Georgina is willing to do anything — even dress like a man and sneak from her home — to achieve her goals. However, she doesn't count on the reappearance of her once good friend and crush Felton Crauford. Felton is desperate to convince Georgie’s father to grant him access to his land to continue mining; however, despite his attempts to remain focused on his business, he can’t help but notice Georgie and attempt to protect her. With the pair at cross purposes, will they be able to achieve their dreams and also find love in the process?

The second in the “Lady Archer’s Creed” series, “Georgina” continues shortly after the first book but can be read as a stand-alone. With a straightforward plot the story reads like a novella: short, sweet, and a bit predictable, but with a nice romantic vibe. The conflict is minimal and is not developed to its full potential, but still gives the story a push. The romance itself is sudden and seems a bit contrived but the overall impression is fluffy sweetness, which will leave the reader content, perhaps even reading the next book just to discover what happens to the rest of the Lady Archers.

Sarah E Bradley