A Lawman’s Reward (Love's a Gamble #3)

Kay P.

This sweet historical romance takes place in 1800s Abilene, Kansas, a town known at that time for being quite rowdy. Lydia Vaughn returns to her hometown as the  new schoolteacher. She is a kind woman, a bit stubborn and  a little insecure due to a leg injury. Lydia’s older brother, Brooks, is nervous about her being by herself in the rough town, but town sheriff Lewis Kinkaid is happy to see Lydia return home.  Lewis offers to keep an eye on her for Brooks. It isn’t long before Lydia and Lewis’s feelings for each other grow. However, Lydia feels she could never appeal to a man like Lewis. He goes to great lengths to show Lydia that she deserves all the love he has to offer her. 

This story shows just what true love is all about. Lydia is such a relatable character and is an example of how people can be so critical about themselves. She is independent but insecure. Lewis shows her how truly special she is, which makes him swoon worthy! The novel moves at a good pace — it is a quick read but not lacking. It has hints of humor, jealousy, and how just a little kindness can go a long way.  It is obvious that the book is well researched and gives the reader the feeling that they are in the Wild West. The storyline is a bit predictable but it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of this sweet story. The reader will have a difficult time putting this beautiful romance novel down!

Amanda Hupe