Highland Spring (Season of Fortitude #1)


MEDIEVAL:  In hopes of gaining her father’s approval, Spring Gunn strives to become a warrior. She takes the bow and arrows of a dead man and spends her adolescence mastering the skill.  When her father learns that the leader of their greatest enemy seeks a bride, he demands she offer herself in marriage.  Still longing for her father’s approval, Spring sets aside the warrior inside and agrees.  Shaw, the leader of the Gordon clan, only accepts the marriage after he sees his father's bow and arrows in Spring’s grasp. The only way to get them back is to marry her. Can two enemies forced together put aside prejudice and discover a true alliance, or are they doomed to betray one another?

"Highland Spring" is an interesting tale of family and loyalty,  set against the beautiful backdrop of Medieval Scotland.  From the moment the story begins the reader is thrown into the action, wondering what will become of Spring and how she will cope under the rule of her father.  Once Spring encounters Shaw, the tension between the two draws the reader into the story even more.  Although the plot and characters lack some depth, the real problem is the quality of writing.  At times, the writing is beautiful and weaves an amazing story together, while at other times the writing lacks polish and a finishing finesse.  In the end, the reader will be satisfied with the journey Spring goes on to overcome the obstacles in her life and discover what family really means.

Amy Cefoldo