Reviews - Historical

Alex Sommerville, known in English spy circles as Trace, has been held captive and tortured for the past four and a half years.  His friends and co-workers all assume he’s dead. They witnessed his sacrifice to save them and heard him get stabbed for doing so.  His body and soul are scarred.

When former commander of Scottish warriors Elias MacPherson of Invergarry sees apothecary assistant Lily Bennett in the small countryside village of Sevenoaks, he's drawn to her. Once enslaved by a cruel master, she still lives in the shadow of that man's obsession.

Widow: never a tittle Elizabeth wanted, but after a mining accident takes the life of her husband, that is exactly what she has become.  Augustine moved out west in hopes of starting afresh, but also to get away from the high society women who seemed to see only his bank account.  When Elizabeth confides in her friend Willa that she needs to find a job, Willa makes it her mission to help her wi

Maeve Kelly left Ireland looking for a better life in Boston. What she found was a low-paying job working laundry, barely able to pay her rent in tenement living. With few options due to the discrimination against the Irish and her cousin moving, Maeve isn’t left with any options, or so she thinks.

The small village of Stannum in Cornwall has seen better times. The tin mine that employed many of the villagers has closed leaving them all in poverty. Alexandra “Allie” Gedding and her twin brother Phillip, who has inherited Stannum House, feel the burden of their town’s demise. David Manston has secrets of his own and is content living his life in seclusion.