What Dreams May Come


Lucy Hayes has had enough from her unwanted suitor, Jonathan Granger. With constant pursuits to make her his wife – despite her obvious disinterest, Lucy realizes the best way to avoid his incessant pursuit is to leave his estate and find a new position as a governess with younger children. However, when a particularly bad rainstorm moves in, all her plans change in the blink of an eye when a stranger, Mr. Calloway, offers a proposition to save her from the unwanted attention of Mr. Granger. However, when Mr. Calloway falls ill, she follows him to his home to help care for him – his family assuming she is his betrothed. Lucy must decide if she should hide the truth from his family, but when his older brother, Simon, enters the picture, a new struggle emerges.

“What Dreams May Come” is an absolutely delightful read! The romance is very much alive with so much chemistry between Simon and Lucy that it could be felt seeping from the pages. The warm welcome of Mr. Calloway’s family warms the heart and creates so much tension and uncertainty for Lucy. At times, Lucy’s constant indecision is challenging and annoying; however, that is a minor inconvenience that can’t compare to the beautiful romance, chemistry, and suspense that this story contains. The ending is full of emotion and just enough chaos to add to the heightened sense. There are many pleasant surprises throughout this tale that makes it an unputdownable read from start to finish!

Sadie Wilson