A Waltz with Traitors


Filip Sedlak is a Czech soldier who never wanted to go to war. He defected to the Russians, and has spent much of the war finding others to fight so he can have an independent Czechoslovakia. Nadia Linskaya has known a life of privilege. But just as her family has decided to flee in the wake of the Tsar’s death, she finds herself alone and on the run from Bolshevik agents. In a split-second decision, Nadia and Filip find themselves married for her protection. As they journey together, they each begin to hope for a marriage that is true. But as the war continues and their marriage becomes truer, they face many obstacles that will either tear them apart or make their marriage stronger than they ever could have hoped.

**Trigger warning: though not graphic, this novel contains rape and abuse**

The historical details make this story come to life, and although A.L. Sowards has shown creativity in many areas, the story stays true to what may have happened during this time. Filip and Nadia, although from completely different backgrounds, have an instant spark. Nadia shows great growth as she learns to live, to work, and to survive in this rough battlefield. Filip himself develops great patience and a capacity for love as he helps Nadia to learn how to live away from the luxury she grew up in. Through epic scenes of battle this love story is woven, capturing the reader’s heart. Fans of historical novels and romance novels alike will enjoy this wartime love story.

Cara Cieslak