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Honey Farthingale is not the usual debutante. Not only does she come from trade, she actually works in the family business of creating soaps and scents! Even if that does not put off a potential suitor, Honey has a deeply held secret that means marriage is not on the cards. But what about a kiss? Thomas Halford, Earl of Wycke, might be a jaded earl, but something about Honey intrigues him.

Willow Reid, only child of Dracula, has chosen to live a secret life amongst humans. It is a precarious existence, for if she is discovered, it means death. No wonder that when Adam Degore, a Blood Hunter, comes to her village, she decides it is time to move on. However, Willow is too late, for not only has Adam discovered she is the hated vampire, he has made her his prisoner.

Keeper II: The Storm
April Dunn

CHRISTIAN:  Scooter is determined to win a Nobel Prize in science. Her job in a zoo gives her a constant source of animals to experiment on.

CHRISTIAN:  Norah Bradley was orphaned at thirteen and married to Chandler at sixteen. The marriage was for all the wrong reasons, to the wrong man, and quickly annulled. Fleeing the disastrous situation, she meets new friends who stand by her in Ruidoso, NM and she slowly rebuilds her life there. Doors open and opportunities come to Norah. One of those is the chance meeting of Dylan.

The Donoghue siblings are still searching for their parents while also learning to use their manifesting powers. As the third sibling Kian becomes the Sword of Light, he is able to see their past lives revealing secrets and new clues hopefully leading to their parents. Ashling is torn, trying to decide if Aengus may be her true love, even though she still has feelings for Lorcan.