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After the death of Sabrina, the Great Light, those from Camelot are now reincarnated into the modern day world. Waking up centuries later, the hurt still resides in Nimue’s heart and the only thing she needs from Gawain, her husband, is his blood.

Graeme is a Cynn Cruor and a former Templar Knight, injured in hunting Dac Valerian. Healing from his injury is taking much longer than it should. While waiting to get his strength back in the Faesten, he meets Kate Corrigan.

NEW ADULT:  Pyper Lexington is a woman with a plan. Actually, it is more that she has basically had her whole life mapped out for her from a very young age. Pyper’s father, a prominent business man, has big expectations, and has spoiled her to the point where she no longer feels that she can deny anything her father asks.

Caroline Woodard traveled to the quiet, forsaken coast of Cornwall to attend her cousin at her wedding. Georgina has found true love and happiness, an ideal that Caroline herself can only dream.  Her finicky requirements have so far left her close to becoming a spinster. 

STEAMPUNK/FANTASY:  Steam-powered horses, witches, automatons, dirigibles, royalty, and reapers, oh my! The story of Raven Steele is a dramatic dynamo of characters and events. Originally released as a serial novel, the entire tale progresses through Raven’s adventures with young Baron Darius.