Waiting in the Wings (Book III of the Afterlife Series)


In life, Osiris Cavanaugh was out for number one.  In the Afterlife, his suicide doomed him to working for Children’s Services, inhabiting the pet or stuffed animal of a dying child and escorting them to their place in the Afterlife. It seems pointless to Osiris, but his counselor tells him to develop a friendship with Xavia Donovan, because he can learn from everyone he spends time with.  Xavia has felt like she’s suffered too many losses, both in her various lives and the afterlife.  She is willing to help Osiris, but she has no intention of developing an emotional bond with him.  Can a sick young girl teach them both very important lessons before it’s too late?

“Waiting in the Wings” is an engaging read. The writer’s concept of the afterlife is distinctive and somewhat quirky, although her way of dealing with children dying may not appeal to every reader.  Emotional honesty is a hallmark, not shying away from the darker aspects of human existence, including loss of loved ones, suicide and depression.  The characters are well-developed and authentic. Osiris is a real tough guy. To see his transformation into an emotionally available and open person is very rewarding.  His friendship with Xavia leads to a love relationship that feels right.  While Ardito’s concept of the afterlife may stump some readers, they will love the characters and their emotional journey in this story.

Danielle Hill