An Inconvenient Desire


Jonathan has just been through an ugly divorce from a beautiful woman.  Olivia is a beautiful woman who survived an ugly childhood.   A chance meeting and brief introduction are all it takes to jump start their sizzling chemistry.  Neither wants a relationship, but neither can they ignore their attraction.  Will the attraction become a deeper bond, or can they keep their feelings hidden?  Do they have what it takes to make it though - especially after the bombshell delivered by Jonathan's ex?

Jonathan and Olivia are rich, complex, delicious characters - just the kind that readers love to sink their teeth into! Their background of hurts and shame are blended seamlessly into their growing relationship. These two are a textbook case of what should happen when a heated sexual attraction comes first: stay out of bed until you know the other person better, which they do through brilliantly honest communication. The buildup to becoming lovers is a series of giving and taking, on both parts, and tons of hard won compromising. 

That being said, the ending is a disappointment. After all the detail and attention given to Jonathan and Olivia's burgeoning relationship, the author seems to have sacrificed her characters a bit in order to obtain a happily-ever after.  Especially after a story full of humanity and talking things through and showcasing how real adults should behave. Jonathan and Olivia have written the new book on beginning an honest contemporary relationship. Everyone should take notes - and fall in love with them!

Julie York