Scandalous Endeavors (Ladies and Scoundrels #1)


After her father's death Amelia is left all alone, save a bachelor uncle who moved to the Americas years ago. When he shows up and demands she return with him in a week's time, her good friends contrive for her to stay for a few months in order to settle her affairs. Amelia isn't interested in settling anything other than her unmarried status. 


All the best plans go awry, especially when a man is knowingly stopping them from happening; and that is what Amelia cannot get away from. The schemes Amelia and her friends, Sarah, and Goldstone’s aunt, Grace, try to pull off are amusing because one can see them becoming more desperate as they don’t work, and Lord Goldstone is always there to clean things up. The last thing on his mind is marriage, but he can’t stay away from Amelia.


While their ultimate plans and plots don’t pan out, the pairing of Goldstone and Amelia is a logical follow-through; however, they only have two conversations, and maybe see each other half a dozen times before she finds herself in love. Even in a historical, that suspends belief. More scenes and dialogue between the two of them is needed to make this pair being in love a plausible situation. Too little is said of Amelia’s uncle, who is adamant about her coming to America but then changes his mind with nothing for the reader to grasp. Plausibility aside, "Scandalous Endeavors" is a fun jaunt with quirky characters, and a happily ever after – the perfect recipe for a pleasantly enjoyable read!


Julie York