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“Falling Again” is a contemporary romance that is part of the Second Chance series.

Spirit Untamed

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Spirited Untamed is a historical tale that takes place in the sixteenth century. Lilithe’s early life starts out with loving parents and the Queen who made weekly visits.

The Dark Duke

The Dark Duke is a regency romance set in England. Amanda is miffed because her brother keeps limiting her household allowance. Her allowance and keeping the small estate running is the only thing that keeps her from marrying and becoming some man’s unpaid servant.

Sugar Babies
Mickey J.

“Three women. I broke one’s spirit, I broke another’s neck, and I married the third.”

PARANORMAL:  Lightning never strikes twice... That may be true, but once was enough for Olga to lose her beloved best friend Conner. Because she failed to save him, Olga feels not only the pain of his loss, but the guilt of perceived responsibility, as well.