The Woman Behind the Letters

Laura Lee

This is a first-hand view of the Civil War through the letters of a young woman with her fiancé. Their journey of hope in the face of despair unfolds; as they pray to be reunited again when the war ends.

While The Woman Behind the Lettersis primarily a romance novel, its also historical fiction, through the viewpoint of Kathryn and her fiancé Ben. Both are drawn into the conflict of the War Between the States when her home state of Georgia and other Southern states seceded from the Union, and Lincoln declared war to preserve it.  The author seems to have done careful research about the various battles and timely opinions of their significance to the war, as well as the tragedy of losing men personally known to the protagonists.  Historical events of the war years through early Reconstruction are the realistic backdrop to the story.  

Its also a study of the power of the human spirit to maintain mental fortitude in the face of knowing that ones loved one may never come back from war.   Readers wont be able to stay detached from the story, since they are drawn into the emotions of Kathryn and Ben through their exchange of letters and Kathryns interactions with other characters.  The one shortcoming of the novel is the way in which it downplays the reality of slavery, diminishing its emotional impact, considering this was a major issue of the war. Otherwise, this is recommended to fans of historical romantic fiction. 

Danielle Hill