War of the Reversing Worlds, Trilogy Two: Part II

Young Adult

CNF:  This story had loads of imagination but no direction with which to guide it.  From page one, the reader is dropped into the middle of a story that has already been unfolding, with almost no further world building or character development.  At the very least, it needs a few paragraphs with which to orient yourself with.  Otherwise, it's too confusing to follow, seeing as you know none of the characters, the world they live in, or the quest that they are on.  There is a lot of action and movement, and it takes place in an interesting, fantastical place that almost makes it more frustrating because it feels like it could be a great place to immerse yourself in.  Add in a decided lack of basic editing, and it's not a story one can comprehend.  A shame.

Nicole Duke/Tammy Grant