Melina Rowes life changes when she runs into an elderly man.  Walter is a guiding angel, and their collision activates a latent ability to absorb his powers as a guiding angelhelping people deal with their life situations.  Unfortunately, the powers that come along with that ability are too strong for a human to handle without it destroying them.  With Walters tuition, she learns how to use her powers. She hears the thoughts of Lee Atwood, her specific charge to help, which is crucial to gaining control of her powers.  If things arent hard enough, soul-stealing demon hunters are after her. Can Melina master her abilities, help Lee, and stay safe from the demons before time runs out?

Collide is an interesting take on angels, especially with the twist of the heroine as a rare human with their abilities.  Melina is sympathetic and likable. Her relationships with Walter and her friend Tessa grounds her and enhances the story.  Melina's powers are interesting and clearly the focus of the story.  The angelic descriptions werent as frequent, which made the novel less engaging for fans of angels. The origin of the angels, their place in the spiritual world, especially as servants to a higher deity, was lacking.  While the tension of Melinas confrontation with demons was thrilling, adding adventure to the story, the connection between the angels and demons wasnt believable.  Stronger world building would have been helpful here.  Overall, Collide is enjoyable fantasy fiction with a novel look at angel/human relationships.

Danielle Hill