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Song Without Words
Juli Page

“My name’s Spencer Moretti, I do middays at Rock 107, and yes, I am number one in my time slot”.

Unwritten Rules

Madelyn Li used to be an FBI agent.  Nowadays, she's enjoying her solitude, her own space and running her own security agency in Chicago - when she's not dodging her grandmother's matchmaking attempts.  Her latest contract - security detail on a book tour with a best-selling author - seems to be just what her struggling agency needs.  Except that the author is also her sexy neighbour, Carter De

Simple Man

Shane Martin is the quintessential hard-partying, under-achieving musician - right down to the rundown trailer filled with friends drinking and playing video games every Friday night.  He is making up for years of raising his little sister Noel after their parents were killed in an accident when he was a teena

Paul Danton is a man used to living a sedate life, suppressing his baser needs and desires.  When he finds himself in an alley next to a club known for its debauchery, holding a nearly naked Emma Latterly, he does something completely foreign to his personality:  he propositions Emma and indulges in a night of

Love and Deceit

Lady Katherine Mason is a gentlewoman held back by the constraints of society and her birth. Unwilling to live by those restrictions, she has a secret - and it takes her into the home of the Barrick Gray, the Marquess of Withington.