Savor (Vicious Feast #1)


NEW ADULT:  “Savor” is an adventurous experiment in consequences. A young, ambitious photographer named Dakota Collins gets thrown into a unique yet otherworldly environment when she meets up with a secretive and tightly-banded Indie rock group called Vicious while on assignment for her college newspaper. The meeting leads to a contract being signed making Dakota the band’s official photographer for one month’s time.  After signing on she decides to make the band the subject of her senior project – a beneficial relationship for both parties, or so she thinks.  Shortly after arriving at the band’s secluded compound, she wonders if she has fallen down a rabbit hole similar to Alice when she discovered Wonderland!  Odd occurrences, mysterious dreams, and secrets on top of secrets lead her to question her interactions with the band and specifically its broody bassist, Luka Visraya.  Is earning an “A” really worth her mental stability?


Evangelista’s novel is an emotional ride wrought with snappy conversations, a realistic family dynamic between the bandmates, and a heroine so strong-willed yet vulnerable that one roots for her happiness. Other than a few minor typos, the world the author has penned is dramatic and fantastic while still down-to-earth. The characters have many layers and hints to their true identities woven through the rich prose. For the first book in the “Vicious Series”, the unrequited love and unanswered questions have compelled this reader to eagerly await the second installment!


Amy Willis