Eden’s Sin


WESTERN:  Eden Gabrielli has learned three lessons the hard way; life never deals a decent hand, never expect anything and NEVER trust a man.  The last lesson nearly killed her and she is left maimed because of it.  But, when the handsome Major Bradford enters the brothel where she works, all her learning threatens to dissolve.  Somehow Eden must keep her secrets safe even when her heart cries for help.


Sinclair Bradford vowed NEVER to trust a woman again.  Ever since his wife betrayed him and left his life in shambles, he has honored that vow. So, what is it about the beautiful brothel madam that threatens to destroy what little heart he has left?  And how can he help her as his job requires when she makes him ache for more?


There is so much to love and cheer for in this refreshing twist of a western tale!  Rather than the staid and stodgy trope of sexy cowboy vs. proper miss, readers are treated to a a brothel madam and a Civil War officer.  The writing is smooth and the story both heats the heart and makes it race!  The problems arise in the believability of the romance. Taking two desperately damaged characters who find an insta-love and a marriage proposal in just two meetings just doesn’t ring true.  Once the villains kick into gear, the plot-line also falls into that same ditch while succumbing to predictability.  Still, the steam that rises off the page every time our lovers lock eyes is enough to keep any reader happily engrossed until the very last sigh!


Ruth Lynn Ritter