Voodoo on Bayou LaFonte

Susan C.

“Voodoo on Bayou LaFonte” is the redemptive story of a Houston police detective named Remy Steinberg. Remy left his home, his young family and Louisiana behind years ago.  When he receives a panicked phone call from his high school sweetheart and mother of his child, Gabby, he is plunged head-first back into his painful past, finding himself on a life-altering mission to rescue his daughter. Once back in the bayou  he finds himself in the midst of small-town corruption and on the receiving end of a vengeful voodoo high-priest. Danger and romance follow Remy, but if he cannot find his daughter all hopes for a happy ending will disappear into the swamp.  


Miller’s novel is a thrilling, fast-paced adventure that crosses state lines, maneuvers through the backwaters of the bayou and takes on a force of nature to save a family. The growth of the characters from where they once were – teenagers – to adults with a common agenda – rescuing their child and hopefully finding a way back to each other – is as powerful as the hurricane bearing down on them. The details and explanations of both the back story and the underlying romance itself will keep the reader enthralled and invested. Research and/or the author’s personal knowledge of the bayou gives the storyline a richness that the reader will get lost in, almost like the hero. The prologue was initially confusing but as the story progressed, and the prologue was re-read, it actually enhanced the story. 


Amy Willis