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SCI-FI:  Twelve-year-old Koral doesn’t know how the humans came to be on Thardrandria or why they created him, a genetically altered hybrid, but he does know that one of the humans is advocating his death and he can stay with them no lon

Dandelion Iron, The Juniper Wars, #1
Aaron Michael

SCI-FI/WESTERN:  The year is 2058.

Next of Sin

Gaby Harvey is marrying the man of her dreams, surrounded by family and friends.

The Captive (Griffin Force #1)
Julie Coulter

Mya Amari's father is an infamous hostage negotiator for terrorists. She has been hiding in Canada with her mother, far from her father's dangerous ties.

Lily Foster finds herself fighting for her family inheritance - her father's nursery - with some greedy real estate lawyers.