The Captive (Griffin Force #1)

Julie Coulter

Mya Amari's father is an infamous hostage negotiator for terrorists. She has been hiding in Canada with her mother, far from her father's dangerous ties. Years later she must come out of hiding to help her sister who, along with an American diplomat, has been captured by terrorists. Mya needs her father's connections to help her get them back. Contacting him guarantees that Mya will be in danger. Former Navy Seal Jake Williams is called from Homeland Security to head up the task force to bring back the diplomat and he soon finds himself responsible for Mya's safety. A simple hostage situation turns into something more dangerous and Mya's secrets could be fatal for her sister and everyone else.  

This story opens with a suspenseful, captivating edge that lasts throughout the whole book, leaving the reader eagerly turning page after page. "The Captive" captures the feel of current world events concerning the conflict with terrorists. Author Julie Coulter Bellon's prose is tight and engaging, and she has created a strong plot - well paced, with organic conflict both external and internal. Mya was hard to relate to, but she is balanced out by the other main character, Jake. He is strong and relatable as an American hero. There were some acronyms that were left undefined that led to some confusion for the reader.  The first in the Griffin Force series, "The Captive" is a fun and interesting story that will leave the reader eagerly awaiting the next book. 

Jessica Samuelsen