Cinderella Busted (Cinderella Romances #1)


Lily Foster finds herself fighting for her family inheritance - her father's nursery - with some greedy real estate lawyers. Meanwhile, rags to riches billionaire Rhett Buchanan finds his way to her eclectic business to approve a shipment for his booming resort development company. When Lily is mistaken by Rhett to be a Jupiter socialite, she takes it upon herself to play Cinderella for a night. Neither Lily nor Rhett are prepared for love at first sight, usually only seen in fairy tales. Their romance blossoms quickly and is tested just as fast. Through a myriad of trust issues and circumstances working against them Rhett and Lily's worlds collide. Will they make it to a happily ever after?


This was a delectable romance! The title can be a little confusing: one might assume this is a retelling, but it's not. “Cinderella Busted” is a story all its own, with delightful humor and endearing characters. The conflict was constant and intriguing, keeping the reader turning page after page. The supporting characters take a vital role in pushing the main characters through the story, which is unique. The title was misleading; there is not much that makes this story relative to Cinderella. There was word redundancy that affected the fluidity, and the pacing of the story was disjointed.  Nonetheless, the setting of sunny Florida will leave one feeling warm - a great read for a cold day. 

Jessica Samuelsen