Next of Sin


Gaby Harvey is marrying the man of her dreams, surrounded by family and friends. Her joy lasts until her honeymoon, when repressed childhood memories come flooding back - leading Gaby to a devastating discovery that can tear her family apart.  Disjointed images torment her, with the only clues locked away in her memory.  Will she figure out the truth before she loses everything dear to her, even her own life? 

"Next of Sin" is a fast-paced thriller, with its evocative prose generating vivid emotions, keeping the reader turning every page quickly.   The story had great scene sequence, although there were a couple of obtrusive scenes that could have been done differently or disregarded entirely.  With multiple POV's that were executed well, it's easy to distinguish who's who in the story.  

Generous use of a diverse word economy will leave all logophiles giddy.  Written in British English, the dialogue could be choppy at times and tell more of the story than show it.  It's hard to understand some of the accent emphasis if one is an international reader.  With a dazzling setting and strong characters, paired with eerie suspense, it was a good thriller. 

Jessica Samuelsen