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Sign Steal Deliver

As a calico cat shifter, Kat Gataki has not had an easy life. Raised by a master thief, Kat is now working for an otherworldly currier service taking the most dangerous jobs trying to make ends meet... legally. When one assignment lands her right in the path of the God, Hermes, Kat sees a way to make amends with her beloved sister who died, leaving Kat drowning in grief and guilt.

Despite Miss Margaret Merriot’s exceptional pedigree, upon her father’s death, her stepmother relegates her to servant’s work. She is known simply as Daisy. Tristan Holbrook, the new Duke of Lyon, arrives at his neighboring estate, not sure what to expect. With the help of a mysterious woman in the woods, Daisy and Tristan meet and an immediate connection is formed.

Reid Lucas moves to California from Chicago after a tragic loss and legal troubles. After a DUI, he calls the one person he knows in the area out of desperation, only to get her police officer roommate Alyssa Knight instead. Upon starting his new job at a software company, his boss turns up dead, and his past in Chicago makes him seem like a likely suspect.

LGBTQ: Dr. Helen Nims, a heart surgeon, finds herself a suspect in her girlfriend’s murder when she turns up dead. Agnes Coates, a reporter for a true crime show, meets Helen at the station before she knows about the murder and is immediately intrigued by Helen. Agnes, too, had a past with the murdered Jolie.