Blades of Arris: Zai


SCIENCE FICTION: The Empire rules over lesser planets, enforced by fierce Blades. One of these lesser planets is Humana, where humans reside. When several females from Humana are contaminated with Arrisan lust metal, they are sent away on a medical ship for further examination and research. However, after the ship is hijacked, Esma finds herself face-to-face with one of the Blades. Despite her own lack of self-control, Zai’s willpower fights to keep him from being infected. Esma is a danger to all Arrisans who come near her, and Zai works to keep both her and the Arrisans safe from the lust metal. Zai threatens his authority and Esma’s life as they search for a way to protect her. 

Starla Night’s ability to create such a detailed world is impressive; however, it was difficult appreciating the characters. It would have been helpful to see much stronger character development. Zai is clearly put in an unnerving situation throughout much of the book; however, his relationship with Esma never gave him a clear change of heart. There are times where he questions himself and his addiction to Esma, but the complete change of perspective in him that is expected based on the plotline and their romantic affair is never really shown. Readers may feel that the dynamic in their personalities is lacking, all of which makes the character interactions bland. This could just be a way to describe Arrisans and their direct behavior, however, readers may wish for more. The plotline is interesting and will keep readers on their toes as one jumps between romance, mutiny, and infection. 

Sadie Wilson