A Taste of Shadows (Sunlight and Shadows #2)


Lyyli Ives has a powerful voice, but it is deadly. When her adoptive parents send her away to the Archmage at Darkest Star Arcane after nearly killing her sister, she is faced with new troubles. Lord Killian Graves is facing a mysterious threat as his mother becomes mysteriously enchanted. Without a cure, she will die. Killian puts the responsibility of saving his mother into his own hands despite risking his position at the school… and even risking his own life. When Lyyli and Killian cross paths, they work together to save Lyyli and uncover the secrets that are being buried across the provinces, unveiling a much bigger scheme at play.

“A Taste of Shadows” is beautifully written with vivid details to describe each of the characters. However, after the first chapter, the first quarter of the novel focuses primarily on Killian. Readers are introduced to Lyyli and a major life-altering event, but then she’s not heard from again for several chapters. After the two characters meet and the storylines intertwine, the tension and surprises never cease. There is never a quiet chapter, which make for an exciting and unpredictable read. Readers may also enjoy the inclusivity that was incorporated by having Lyyli use sign language to communicate. Lyyli lived her whole life without ever truly knowing who she is and having nobody to look up to for answers. This novel sends an important message about understanding who you are and unlocking the power that you have.

Sadie Wilson