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Lady Dianna Foxcroft and Miles Radnor, Earl of Winfield, have known each other nearly their entire lives - and been betrothed almost that long.  When their wedding day finally arrives, however, Miles is nowhere to be found.

Mrs. Understood's husband is cheating - and when she learns that he's at Nana's Cajun Restaurant with his latest conquest, she speeds over to catch them together. While walking across the street, she is hit by a vehicle and when she regains consciousness, she is in hell.

New York Minute

Though Veronica is tired of blind dates, especially the ones set up by her mother, she is still optimistic that she'll meet the man of her dreams. When it finally happens, not only is she thrilled that an irresistible, sexy Spanish accent is attached to Mr.

It Toll For Thee

Staff Sergeant Dan Ross is in an impossible, though not uncommon predicament - stuck in the middle of Afghanistan with the duty of protecting men he cares deeply for while required to take orders from a superior who thinks only of his own career.  It all comes to a head when the base is attacked fr

Gabriel’s Daughters
Janet K.

CULTURAL FICTION:  Raised in a very closed, sheltered, polygamous community, Zina is thrilled when given permission to venture outside to attend high school.  Her innocence and naiveté become her undoing, however, when she is seduced and left pregnant by a handsome but unscrupulous teacher.  Faced