Fire Away (Somewhere, TX #3)


Captain Aidan Conley’s young wife died in a fire ten years earlier. After a thorough investigation, his father, the chief of Somewhere FD at the time, hadn’t found any evidence to prove his own son had set it, although that didn’t keep rumors from flying. Some people still believed he was responsible, and even that he’d been sleeping with his wife’s younger sister, Claire. The two former best friends hadn’t seen each other since Claire moved to Dallas with her parents after Jane’s death. Imagine their surprise at meeting up during a cupcake tasting session at the local bakery. They’re both horrified when minutes later, the case is reopened and Aidan is arrested for murder. But Claire is one of few to proclaim his innocence.    

"Fire Away" is a quick read, but certainly not lacking in emotional turmoil, drama, and suspense! Ms. Syme paints the perfect picture of small town life in rural Texas hill country. The sexual draw between Aidan and Claire is evident without being in-your- face-descriptive. As the reputation of his dead wife comes into question, the reader feels Aidan’s desire to protect her for Claire’s sake. It’s well-written, with only a few editing errors as a minor distraction. The story arc is original and well-defined, with the mysteries, clues, and doubts interwoven throughout to keep this reader guessing. It’s refreshing to read a good, clean, well-written book that paints such a vivid description of bad behavior with no expletives. Excellent job!

Lori Leger