Fighting Envy (A Deadly Sins Book)


NEW ADULT:  Rowan Martin is about to deliver a child - alone and terrified.  When baby-daddy abandons her at the hospital, she credits it to her vindictive, verbally abusive mother’s claims: she’s cursed, worthless, unlovable, and destined to be alone, just like all the other Martin women. In the throes of labor pains, a handsome mystery man comes to her rescue. MMA fighter and gym owner Jackson “Jax” Stone is blown away by Rowan’s courage during the delivery. He can’t understand the draw she and her baby have over him, but is determined to help her, whether she wants it or not. Jax and Rowan’s biggest obstacles are overcoming their parents’ low opinions of them.

The first part of this heart-warming story had this reader sniffling over Rowan’s struggles through postpartum depression and the angst of raising a child alone, rooting for Jax to find a way to get through to her while dealing with his own verbally abusive father at the gym. Jax’s adorably sexy friends and MMA family are applause-worthy in their efforts to aid and abet. The story is well-written and heart-wrenching. Intensive line editing would have eliminated several distracting typo and word usage errors. At times the dialogue grew repetitive and excessive. The ending, though somewhat anti-climactic, drew to a satisfying close with promises of more to come. The fight scenes were nicely choreographed; the sex scenes well-written and off the charts HOT!  Good job, Ms. Miller!

Lori Leger