Blind Temptation (Bitten by Love #3)


Victoria is a vampire hundreds of years old, but eternally stuck looking as though she is a teenager. A respected member of the Vampire Committee located in an underground complex in today’s downtown Atlanta, Georgia, she has lived in self-imposed exile at the Headquarter building since her creator/husband’s death 40 years earlier. Ben, is a former math teacher who has been blind for the past ten years. Upon meeting Victoria at a driver’s education class he senses the immediate and undeniable attraction between them. Complications arise when she suspects he’s one of three newly discovered “Perfect Mates" - until recently only a myth in the vampire world. As they grow closer, Victoria resists bonding with Ben, believing the process will leave him eternally blind. 

Meanwhile, the Committee is busy looking for a common link to explain the phenomenon, while weighing the pros and cons of revealing the existence of Perfect Mates to the vampire world. Their resistance to mind-control makes them a threat to the vampire’s existence. 

Ms. McKitrick’s portrayal of a vampire community in modern-day Atlanta is well written and enjoyable. There is plenty of plot and conflict, including an old acquaintance who’ll stop at nothing to have Victoria. Strong supporting characters are worked in nicely, although a little more backstory from those in previous two books would have been helpful. Sex scenes are descriptive but tastefully sensual. The gasoline and fire scene didn’t garner believability, and the German cursing slightly overused, but this was an amusing read that leaves one strongly anticipating book four. Well done!

Lori Leger