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India Was One
An Indian

The first time Jai saw Kaahi, he fell hard.  But Indian relationships demand ritual and time.  Their families approve, and Jai and Kaahi wed in traditional Indian fashion.  Their life is predictable, until Jai accepts a job in the US, and now they must leave everything behind.  Living abroad is a new experience, but the lure of India is always there.  It is hard to live in a land where Indian l

NEW ADULT/INTERRACIAL:  From high school through university, Ally and Kevin braved a stormy relationship to finally exchange wedding vows.  Their future seems bright, fruitful, and happy.  Then, the blushing bride hears a shocking announcement that may rip the newlywed couple apart.  A meddling father-in-law, life-thre

Sun & Moon

NEW ADULT:  Katja is trying to make it in the indie music scene in Dresden, Germany. Micah is high-class banker on a quest. When circumstances force Katja out onto the streets, Micah steps in to help. The attraction between them is undeniable, even if they both wish to resist.

Kelsy Bowen came to Buck Meadow to increase her environmental skills and find a reason to shut down the logging in the area. But so far, she hasn’t found a good one, and with people like Fox on the job it won’t be so easy.

Between Boyfriends

Jan Weston is the daughter of wealthy parents in this New Adult Women’s Fiction. When Jan's boyfriend dumps her, she is devastated, taking to the comfort of her bed. To add insult to injury, her mother discovers that Jan has left her studies at San Diego State University and promptly disowns her.