DutchMan (TimberBeast #2)


Kelsy Bowen came to Buck Meadow to increase her environmental skills and find a reason to shut down the logging in the area. But so far, she hasn’t found a good one, and with people like Fox on the job it won’t be so easy. As the political firestorm builds and Ecoterrorists stalk the woods, threatening the loggers and Kelsy herself, she must make decisions and try harder to find the TimberBeast before her deadline, but the handsome Fox has other ideas. When situations push them together, the forest heats up in more than one way, and in the end, one of them will have to give.


An addictive contemporary work, “Dutchman” is the second in the series picking right up where the first left off. It has compelling characters and building romance that is so entrancing the reader will alternatively cheer and then groan in outrage over their actions. Both Kelsy and Fox are pulling in different directions, and both are convinced they just need to get the other to see their way. This connection alone makes this a five star book pulled down only because of the somewhat frustrating head hopping, and the buildup of romance, plot tension, and character growth that just ends abruptly. Overall, this looks to be a 5 star series with this book landing as the somewhat confusing center without a beginning or end - yet. Once it’s complete it should top every Contemporary romance reader’s to-read list!


Sarah E Bradley