All It Takes Is Forgiveness (All It Takes, #2)


NEW ADULT/INTERRACIAL:  From high school through university, Ally and Kevin braved a stormy relationship to finally exchange wedding vows.  Their future seems bright, fruitful, and happy.  Then, the blushing bride hears a shocking announcement that may rip the newlywed couple apart.  A meddling father-in-law, life-threatening health condition, and new obstacles are some of the adult issues they now face. Through all this turmoil, will Kevin ever win Ally’s forgiveness?


Ally and Kevin - a couple desperately in love - reach their dramatic conclusion in “All It Takes is Forgiveness.”   They have suffered the teen angst (jealousy, insecurity, fear) in book one.  As married adults, the stakes are higher, but their approach to conflict resolution illustrates their need to mature.  While maturity grows with age, Kevin and Ally’ characters are crippled by their profound emotions.  At times, Kevin seemed unstable during his rages.  Of the two characters, Ally’s was the most compelling in the story.  She suffered a rare pregnancy condition that Ms. Harper obviously researched.  The steamy love scenes between Ally and Kevin showed how sensual a pregnant woman could be.  Counteracting the pacing with flashbacks did not maximize scenes or add much needed depth to the characters.  Consecutive scenes would have better served the plot.  Fortunately, a fresh and significant obstacle was introduced.  Then, the tension began to flow in new and interesting directions for the heroine.  This is not the end of the series, but there is closure for Ally and Kevin, whose story started with ample potential, and finally ended with them earning their happily ever after in “Forgiveness.”


Anna Fitzgerald