Between Boyfriends


Jan Weston is the daughter of wealthy parents in this New Adult Women’s Fiction. When Jan's boyfriend dumps her, she is devastated, taking to the comfort of her bed. To add insult to injury, her mother discovers that Jan has left her studies at San Diego State University and promptly disowns her. Jan is left to pay for her own expenses for the first time in her life. She manages to remain at massage school and keep her apartment while forfeiting her former needs, now silly luxuries. Jan succeeds in getting her first job and conceivably bounces from one job to the next. Along the way she swears off men.


Miller shows great potential in her debut novel. Her voice is young and energetic reflecting the ages of her characters with enthusiasm. The plot seems to wobble between grooming tips and other useful notes for the New Adult without giving the reader something to really root for. The manuscript contains some awkward sentences that may throw the reader and some language may be inappropriate for sensitive readers.  Also, other small but noticeable things such as no mention of Jan's surname (leaving the reader to infer such only from the mention of her parents name.)  Overall, however, New Adult fans will find this a delightfully enjoyable and even educational read!


Shaunna Gonzales