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Written in the Cards

Maggie Rutherford barely escapes high society New York, during her wedding, to keep control of her life…and her money. Determined to live her life the way she wants, she heads west. Ben Morgan was a homesteader, until Indians killed his wife. Since then, he’s been nothing more than a wandering card sharp.

A collision of two separate realms - our own and one based on magic - has happened and neither world is truly at peace with the other.

The Ice Goddess

The story of Evangeline, her twin Emmett, and a stranger named Kendall, set in mid 1700s England, is an intertwined tale of three distinct personalities having to grow up, regardles

Illusions Begin
N. L.

When she was a little girl, pampered only child Katherine Rebecca (Becky) saw a magician at a circus.  Thus began a lifelong obsession with learning how to do every trick she saw.

Maggie needed to run and hide; to take a break from reality of college at Harvard University.  When a notice posting a summer job babysitting a plantation house in Georgia showed up outside her dorm room, it seemed ideal.