Cadha’s Rogue (The Highland Renegades #5)


PIRATES:  The love of Cadha de Witt's young life has not returned home with his ship, and she wants nothing more than to find him. She’s told he has started a new life in Scotland - but she refuses to believe it, and makes the decision to go to Scotland to find him. When she hires a man to take her, she gets more than she bargained for. Does she really love the man she’s searching for, or are the feelings she’s harboring for her hired man something more? Valc needs money, and quickly. When a young woman hires him to take her to Scotland he doesn’t refuse. Unfortunately, his problems follow them as they make their journey and he finds his feelings for this woman to be more than he should. Can he keep her safe and be able to give in to his feelings?

The concept of this story is interesting in that the main character is going to find her love but feelings grow for the man she’s hired to get her to him. The story progresses well, although the characters could have been more fully developed. There was also a small issue with the description in that it felt a little rushed; important scenes were lacking in descriptive content. All in all, this was a good historical romance, and a nice way to fill a couple of hours. R.L. Syme shows great potential with this novel. Readers who enjoy this book can go back to the beginning of the series to enjoy more from the author. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick